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Running costs of water treatment plants

Running COSTS of water treatment plants mainly include  water resource fee, electricity cost, chemical cost, staff cost, maintenance and replacement cost, administration cost, and bank interests.

Water treatment plant construction costs
Water treatment plant near the river  
Example: Calculation of running cost of a 100,000m3/d water treatment plant
Item Description Calculation Cost
Monthly US$
Water resource fee $0.07/m3 0.07*100,000*30 $210,000 43%
Electricity fee For 50 m head, efficiency 0.80 0.17 Kwh*0.10*100,000*30 $51,000 11%
Chemical fee 20 mg/L FeCl3, 3 mg/L Cl2 (0.02*1.5+0.003*1)*100,000*30 $99,000 20%
Staff cost 24 staffs, average $2500/month salary 24*2500 $60,000 12%
Administration cost 50% of staff cost 24*2500*50% $30,000 6%
Maintenance and replacement cost yearly 1% of total construction cost 400*1%/12*100,000 $33,333 7%
Total monthly cost $483,333 100%
Cost /m3 Total cost/ 100,000/30 $0.16
Note: The tabe is for illustration of calculation, so the value may differ from real situations.

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