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Pumping stations with long shafted pumps

Construction costs of pumping stations

Construction costs of pumping stations mainly include the costs of civil construction and the equipment costs including the pumps, cranes and other ancillary equipment.  The indicative costs of pumps can be found in some pump selection software such as ABS. The website provides some total contract prices for pump supply . Centrifugal pumps are usually used to pump water from stroage tanks to users.

One year electricity cost of a pump may be close to the purchasing cost of the pump if 24 hours running considered. Expensive high efficency pumps are most possilby cheaper in overall life cycle cost.

A medium size pumping station with vertical long shaft pumps  

Unit cost of water transmission pumping station

Design water trasmission capacity Unit cost
m3/d US$ / (m3/d)
3785 120
7570 94
18925 68
37850 53
75700 41
189250 30
378500 23
Note: The data are converted from US Environmental Protection Agency survey ( 1999).

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