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MBR operating costs

The price of hollow fiber MBR membrane dropped to around US$ 50/ m2 from US$400/m2 in the past decade.   The typical net flux of MBR is 25 LMH, so each m3/d treatment capacity  needs 1000/24/25= 1.67 m2 membrane which costs US$ 83.5 only. Membrane replacement accounts for 10%-40% of operating cost.
EPA fact sheet shows that the operating cost of MBR system is US$ 0.47 /m3 including all electricity fee, membrane replacement, chemical fees, but not including
amortization of initial investment.
Other cost estimates show the operating cost of 3,785 m3/d MBR plant is around  US$0.11-0.15 per m3 wastewater treated. The operating cost of a 37,850 m3/d MBR plant is US$ 0.10-0.15 per m3 wastewater treated. These estimates are much lower than EPA's estimate.  The operating cost does not seem vary much with treatment capacity.

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