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MBR capital cost

MBR membrane price dropped to around US$ 50/m2 from US$400/m2 in the past decade. Some manufactures even offer about US$ 30 /m2  for the previous generation membrane. Inorganic membranes cost about US$200/m2. The typical flux of MBR is 25 LMH, so each m3/d treatment capacity  needs 1000/24/25= 1.67 m2 membrane which costs US$ 83.5 only. Membrane accounts for less than 10% of MBR system.
EPA fact states that the unit cost of MBR system falls between $1715 and $4900 per m3/d, which is a very big range.  
Other cost estimates show the total cost of a 3,785 m3/d MBR plant is around  $7,710,000-$9,280,000.
The total cost of a 37,850 m3/d MBR plant is $56,700,000-$62,020,000. These estimates also fall into the EPA's estimate.
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