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The protocols of chemcical cleaning for different membranes are different, but the basic principle is similar. The pricnciple is to soak the membranes in acidic, oxidative, or alkaline solutions and backwash the membranes. The frequency of chemical cleaning varies a lot from different suppliers. The costs of chemical cleaning may vary due to different operationg conditions and different membranes. MBR chemical cleaning cost may account for 0.5-2% of total operating cost(Brepols's 2011).The exapmle below is based on Torray MBR.
For examle, if a Torray 105 m3/d MBR is cleaned by chemical by all the three recommendations: sodium hypochlorite (6000 mg/l effective chlorine), oxalic acid (1%), and citric acid (3%), the total chemical cosumption is 500 L each.

The cost of one chemical washing: (6*500/1000*3+10*500/1000*12+30*500/1000*1.1)=US$85.5.
If the chemical washing is carried out monthly, the cost amortized to each m3 is 85.5/105/30=US$0.027/m3.

This is a conservative estimation as the chemical washing might include only one or two of the above chemicals at less frequencies.
he recommendation from the supplier is chemical washing every six month or when the trans membrane pressure is increased by 5 kPa.

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