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MBR electricity cost

MBR consumes much more electricity than traditional activated sludge.

Not considering the pretreatment part, MBR needs electricity in following parts:


  • Aeration for biological activity;
  • Sour air to prevent fouling;
  • Suction pumps or pressure pumps to overcome transmembrane pressure, except for flat sheet MBR by gravity flow;
  •   Recirculation, except immersed MBR.

Due to long sludge retention time of MBR, aeration demand is high.  

Sour air is much less than aeration air.


MBR needs much more recirculation rate to provide shear stress on membrane surface in order for preventing fouling.  

The pretreatment usually need a strainer which is very electricity consuming also, but traditional activated sludge does not need any strainer

The overall electricity consumed for one m3 wastewater treated could be 0.9 KWh, which equals to 0.13 US$/m3 treated for electrify fee. Compared with MBR, conventional activated sludge usually consumes less than 0.5 KWh/ m3 wastewater treated

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