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Upgrading to MBR

Hollow fiber or flat sheet

 Immersed  MBR

Immersed MBR really fits the name of MBR, in which membranes are put into a biological reactor. Immersed MBR does not need recirculation or separate tank for biomass separation.  This type of MBR is especially suitable for upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plant.


Side stream MBR


Side stream MBR has separated biological reactors and membrane tanks. Membrane tanks need souring air to prevent fouling. The biomass needs to be recirculated back to biological tanks as in a secondary sedimentation tank. Usually, the circulation rate is  3 to 5 times of permeate flow. This type will more expensive than immersed MBR, but it is easier for backwash and chemical cleaning in place.



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